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Jun. 11th, 2010

It's been awhile since I've made any of these.

But, last weekend I took my first ever trip to New York City, and saw my first ever Broadway shows, and one of those shows was Hair. That's where the inspiration for these struck. Maybe more will come later, after I organize my picture folders better and find the picture I know I have somewhere. Mrr.

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2 more!

four awful attempts!

1 Johnny/Stéphane, 1 Evan, 1 Jeremy, 1 Evan/Johnny.

And they're all terrible argh why must i suck at photoshop

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8 remixes

1 Shizuka/Stephane, 1 Shizuka, 1 Stephane, 1 Ryan Bradley, 1 Daisuke, 1 Tanith/Evan, 1 Johnny, and 1 Tessa/Scott.

I used alt-text for these. Not because I am terribly witty (I'm not), but because these are the things I do to amuse myself at 4 in the morning.

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There's a first time for everything!

One of Stéphane and two Scott/Tessa ones :)
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stephane remixes!

I find that remixes with Stephane always get the most comments. I have no idea in the world why. :p

Anyway, I want to do some compiling, so here are all the ones I have with Stephane so far in one masterpost.

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a few remixes

Hey all! I love this community a lot. Here are a few I made: two Evan, 1 Evan/Johnny, 1 Johnny, 1 Scott Hamilton, and one Tanith/Charlie.

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ETA: the Johnny/Evan No Children one was bothering me, so I edited. This is the old version, and this is the new.